Company introduction

Technology Introduction

We are introducing the latest machinery and equipment, adjusting to the demands of the industry through diversification, increased speed and combining, to pursue more advanced manufacturing technology.
Additionally, to save on labor costs and increase efficiency, we are introducing unmanned production lines for both mass production and small lot manufacturing.
Finally, we have many combined manufacturing machines, including welding machinery after cutting machinery.
In the coordinated manufacturing department, we have conducted investigations into our manufacturing methods to meet our diversifying client base, and offer a great variety of manufacturing services to our clients.

Business Items

Main Factory

Main Factory Construction machinery, hydraulic machinery, electronics, semiconductors, automobiles, houseware, medical equipment, horticultural equipment, machine tools, leisure equipment, metal molded parts, general component construction

Main Factory

Coordinated Manufacturing Department Press (Laminating/Thick sheets) manufacturing, precise sheets, cast components, die-cast components, polishing or surface treatment, welding, assembly and production of finished goods, sales

Company Information

332, Haigata, Tsubame-shi, Niigata, 959-1201, Japan
TEL:+81-256-63-8646 / FAX:+81-256-63-9861

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